abstract-1233873_640As a young adult, you might feel like social media is where you can vent out your anger and frustration with just about anything. It is also where you can share to other people your happy memories like hanging out with friends or a trip to the beach. It is just like your diary but is open in public. This is the beauty of social media. It allows you to share to other people what you really think and still you are entitled to your opinion as part of your right to freedom of speech.

There are people though who just could not control themselves. They post using vulgar language. Some others are so proud of their bodies that they also post pictures where they are almost naked. Again, there is nothing wrong with this as long as it was intentionally posted. It is your own account so you can use it in whatever way you want.

It also means that you have to be responsible should there be a backlash. You might have witnessed big celebrities who were humiliated because of their thoughtless posts. Some others have decided to make their accounts private or just shut them altogether. The truth is that once it is out there, it will continue being linked to you and your personality. The recent winner of Miss Teen USA for instance has tweeted a racially charged statement several years ago. People were able to dig that Tweet and used it against her, rallying for her resignation.

It can happen to you too

You might think that these public humiliations may only happen to celebrities. The truth is that it can happen to you too. You might be haunted by your previous posts. You might have said something bad before and it could be used against you. For instance, you have posted something vulgar or insulting 3 years ago. Once you apply for a job, you might be surprised that the employer will ask his staff to dig in to your social media accounts before deciding whether or not to accept you. It only means that you have to be more careful before making a decision on what to post.

Manage your reputation

You also want to make sure that other people view you positively. This means that you have to manage your social media accounts. You can increase the number of followers and accounts being followed. None of them should be related to anything controversial though. You can also increase the number of likes for each photo you post on Instagram. However, the job could be very difficult. You can use Yesgram.com instead. It allows you to manage your online reputation. Your likes and followers will be increased but they are carefully vetted. This means that you won’t have to deal with issues like racist people who follow you or pornography related accounts liking your posts. These are really dangerous. The good thing is that you won’t have to deal with those issues anymore.