I recently had the chance to travel to Newcastle, a city in the North East of England. I went to visit one of my good friends in the world of graphic design and had the opportunity to learn a lot of new techniques and visit some great sights. I love being able to combine my love of travel with my love of graphic design and this has been one of the best, most educational trips I have ever been on. I highly recommend visiting this city if you ever get the chance to.

Why Visit Newcastle?

Most people visiting the United Kingdom head straight for London. I figured I’d venture further north to one of the most creative cities in England. Newcastle is well known for its strong heritage of technological innovation, which has continued into the modern day. Creative industries have really helped to transform the economy, making it the ideal place for freelance professionals to set up shop.

Emerging Digital Marketing Scene

There are so many creative people living in Newcastle and it is easy to see why. For those looking for an alternative to London, I would definitely recommend this city. There is some incredible talent living in the area, and I’m not just talking up my friend here. It’s a great community and there are lots of companies really helping to push the boundaries in the digital space. Creativity has really taken a stronghold of the city, allowing it to continue to grow and develop.

My friend took me to F6.Studios, a workspace where designers and creative people come together to make things and inspire each other. I met some really friendly people there and got some fantastic design inspiration that I can’t wait to apply to my work. It’s based right in the city center and you can rent out workshops and spaces to share with a community of creative. I love the idea of feeding off each other’s creative talents; it’s a fantastic environment to work in. Whenever you feel like you need a little inspiration you simply take a look around and there is plenty to get you going again. Everyone is willing to help and offer advice, so you end up with some fantastic results.

Where Did I Stay?

My friend recommended I stay in Jesmond, a trendy and up-and-coming area of Newcastle. I had the chance to stay at the Rosebery, a Jesmond Bed and Breakfast packed with style and vintage charm. The people there were really nice and the hotel overlooked the Jesmond Dene Park, which was beautiful and perfect for a nice and relaxing morning stroll. For those of you who appreciate quirky interior designs, this is the place to stay. It is exactly the kind of wonderfully creative hotel you would expect to find in this city.

The location was perfect as it took less than 10 minutes for me to get to the city centre. That gave me the chance to explore the city while my friend was busy working. The transport links are excellent with a Metro system that goes all the way to the beach. There are lots of museums, shops, restaurants and cafes about so I got the chance to really experience the British culture. No wonder my friend picked this place to live, it’s fantastic.