As much as I love traveling, there are a few downsides to exploring the world. I love to keep in shape, but when you travel it’s difficult to keep up with your workout routine, because you don’t have access to your workout equipment and you are having fun discovering a new place.

In this article I have put together my top tips for keeping fit while traveling.

1.Increase your workouts before you go.

Before I set off traveling I try to fit in as many training sessions as possible, and there are two reasons why I do this.

Number one: Most of the time I don’t have access to any gym equipment unless I am staying in a nice hotel. But even then, working out is still time consuming and I want to spend as much time as possible enjoying the trip.

Number two: I also like to relax during my vacation and if I am exhausted I am able to relax much better.

2.Strict diet before we go.

Another preparation you can do before you go is to be strict on your diet. Two weeks before I am due to travel I remove all the sugar and fat from my diet entirely. I do this because when I travel I want to try new foods, drink alcohol and indulge. If I know I am in the best shape possible before I go, then during my vacation I don’t feel guilty or have to think about every aspect of what I am consuming.

3.No equipment workouts

As I said above, it’s unlikely that I will have access to any gym equipment during my trip. It is still important to exercise, especially if the trip is longer than two weeks.
The answer is no equipment workouts, and one of my favorite ways to do this is with HIIT exercises. HIIT stands for “high-intensity interval training,” and you can see examples here and a video here.

HIIT is a very good way to mix up your workouts even when you’re not traveling. Each workout is very different and you can adapt the training to your own level of fitness and increase the intensity with ease.


One piece of workout equipment I always do take with me on every trip is a skipping rope. A skipping rope is light-weight and easily fits into your bag. Skipping is cardio training and every athlete can improve his or her fitness levels simply by skipping on a regular basis.


You can run anywhere and it never costs you any money. All you need is a pair of shoes see dss-tuff, socks, a T-shirt and shorts and you’re good to go. No matter where you are in the world you can run, and the bonus to running during your vacation is you get to see parts of the area you are visiting that no other visitor gets to experience.

Running takes you to new areas and will often improve your vacation experience as you will notice buildings to explore later in the vacation or discover a beach four miles from your hotel that no one would have told you about. I can’t tell you how many local people I have met simply by running around the area I am visiting.