Most professional gunsmiths who have learnt the craft the hard way – by apprenticing at a gunsmith shop or going to a traditional college are somewhat skeptical of the benefits that can be gained by opting for an online gunsmithing degree. In fact, many refuse, point blank, to accept that these schools can produce a reputable gunsmith that can work in the field. Take a look at this article for some excellent gunsmithing schools that you can attend.

The figures, such as those presented out by the American Gunsmithing Institute’s online college, are in favor of these professional gunsmiths’ views but the truth is that the online schools aren’t to blame for the poor placement figures of graduates – the graduates themselves, however, are.

How do Online Gunsmithing Schools Work?

Before you can understand the reason behind the apparent lack of traction that online gunsmithing schools are facing, you have to gain an insight into how they work. Most reliable online gunsmithing schools deliver their curriculum by means of video tutorials – usually in a DVD or online format – that can easily be followed by the students from the comfort of their homes. Digital documents and manuals are also provided, that students can peruse through to gain traditional textual knowledge.

The Root of the Problem

There are some gunsmithing institutes that go a little too far in advertising the scope of these video tutorials and documents, giving newcomers the impression that gunsmithing is so easy that it can be learned by simply going through the videos and PDFs and grasping the concepts they contain. And herein lies the problem which leads to the lack of success that online gunsmith certificate holders face in the field – they do not practice what is taught to them by the online course and thus, are unable to get a firm grounding in the art of gunsmithing. Like every other craft, gunsmithing requires regular and thorough application of the knowledge that is delivered by the teacher in order for the pupil to hone their skills and become a professional.

Therefore, it is apparent that the reservations that traditional gunsmiths have against online gunsmithing institutes are in fact, caused by a lack of dedication towards the craft rather than a lack of quality on part of the schools. In fact, a number of professional gunsmiths frequently rely on video tutorials provided by online gunsmithing schools to deal with the repair / reassembly of weapons that they haven’t worked with before, which indicates the exhaustiveness and reliability of the knowledge contained in online gunsmithing courses.

What is the solution?

The solution is obvious – practice what you, as an online gunsmithing student, are taught by your instructor/tutorial. You should obtain cheap, used weapons from local gun shops or antique stores to apply the knowledge gained through the online course so that you can really become adept in the craft.

The freedom offered by online courses in general, not necessarily of gunsmithing, can lead to a lack of seriousness and misconception that the course is somehow easier than what is taught in traditional classes – once you correct this, you will be able to learn the craft just fine from any quality online gunsmithing course you opt for. Gun websites such as is an excellent place to begin your search.