Being geeky has now become the trendy thing to be when it comes to popular culture. Of course, it took a while before people started to enjoy the nerd culture that has long stewed beneath the surface. Nowadays, everyone loves one aspect or the other so if you’re just starting up then maybe it’s time to explore the world’s geekiest locations. There are dozens around the world and it’s quite fun learning about the stories behind each place. So, if you’ve got the time, here are some of the destinations that contain geeky history and connotations.

The Doctor Who Experience

Dr. Who is a very prominent series and has only been rising in popularity in the last decade or so. Of course, that also means a lot more people have been watching the old seasons of the series, so learning about Dr. Who history is the new thing. If you happen to be in London and have a bit of time on your hands, then head on over to the museum. You’ll get to the see the Tardis from David Tenant’s run as the doctor.

Be a Pirate

If you have the time and energy to work on an old ship, then there’s a special adventure waiting for you on the high seas. Now, before you start registering for a trip yourself, you have to know a few things about the trip. First off, it’s physically extraneous, requiring you to know a few things about making knots. You’ll also have to know how to climb on ropes as they may ask you to learn about setting the sails and tying them down properly. All that this ship cruise lacks is learning about how to use a women’s compound bow but that would be extreme, as there aren’t any real pirates left right?


The particle accelerator meant a lot of things for scientists and physicists across the globe. Basically, it opened a new level of discovery for the world, and can produce things that push us forward as a species. There is no tour of the accelerator premises because the labs are off limits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore the exterior parts of the facility. You can learn about all the projects Cern is undertaking and learn a thing or two about some of the most complicated scientific experiments happening in the world today.


That’s right; you can visit the Shire if you have the cash to hit up New Zealand. In fact, if you have the extra cash, you can even buy one of these places and make a home out of it. While in the town, you can look around and explore where Bilbo first met Gandalf, and the home from which Frodo got his start. All that’s really missing is for you to get a compound bow or a crossbow┬áso you can defend your home from orcs.

There are so many places you can explore that will bring out the geek in you, just make sure to have the budget and you’ll be sure to see more than a handful during your time.