While traveling the world as a lifestyle entrepreneur you can become a little disconnected. Sure having occasional phone calls with friends and family is nice. The off hand Skype or google hangout is always fun too. However all of these are just basic communication. You can’t actually do anything with them in a real sense. After long periods of time this homesickness can develop in even the most ardent of travelers. Sending them running for home with open arms and wet eyes. To stave off the inevitable longing for a familiar interaction and maintaining relationships with people physically absent, I have taken to a popular new technique for isolation therapy.

Interacting with others in a virtual environment has a lot of the same healing effects that real human contact has on the brain and body. This is especially true for those who work remotely like my friends at the WordPress support team Bairkan. They mostly work from home, or wherever they may be in the world like I do, but try to keep chats open with each other to feel a bit cloer together. People have been seen to have real and drastic improvements in character and personality from just a short period of playing games with other people. We can use this to our advantage with something all of us know and love. Video games provide this same effect and experience to users. This is something that has only been achievable within the last decade or two. Now that a large portion of world has internet and electricity we can venture further while using digital methods to stay connected. Whether it’s Facebook, email, or League of Legends, these tools are having real impacts on what it means to be away and to travel.

While that is as warm and fuzzy as it is true, I am a single twenty something male. There is of course only one natural conclusion here. This means war. Online competition is hard enough when you don’t know the person making fun of you on the other side. Throw in a mind that remembers your butterfingers with the battle rifle and the game changes a lot. Anyone who is a reader of this blog knows how much of a proponent I am of online education and it’s many applications to our day to day lives. This is no exception. To help me get a boost in my online gaming potential I’ve relied on outside coaching. Video tutorial websites like eloboosted.com for elo boosting and guides has literally saved my rear in more than one thick jungle. The feeling of getting a solid 5 killstreak with your buddies pales in comparison to just running around and providing the enemy with the kills they need to win.

This is just one example too. There are many games and guides online. Whether you are looking for the new Ace the Storm game, World of Warcraft, Eve Online, League of Legends, or Farmville, there are ways to learn how to get better than your friends for fast and cheap. While it may not seem worth it to all of you for those of us with a competitive instinct and a desire to make richer denser moments with our time, these education programs are ideal to improving your best chance and staying connected.