counselor-1294858_640One of the reasons why there is a continuing problem regarding mental health around the world is because of the very few people working in this field. A way to help people suffering from mental health issues is counseling. This is where they can share deepest thoughts and emotions. They know they are safe and they won’t be judged for their actions. The problem is that there are not so many counselors available or the services are extremely expensive.

This is why you might want to consider a job in counseling. This is an important job that is not necessarily a job, but more of public service. You are extending help to people who are on the verge of losing their minds. This is true for people who are suffering from emotional problems and piles of challenges. This is also applicable for those who are under the influence of drugs. Once a person is high on drugs, he can no longer think clearly. His judgment has already been clouded. They have to go through rehabilitation.

During the process, the substance will be pumped out of their body through detoxification. This is in a way effective in dealing with substance abuse. It has to be removed from the body first. You can check out thc detox for more information regarding this matter.

After detox, these addicts need counseling. When they are ready to speak their minds out and are willing to share their emotions, then they can face a counselor. Aside from private rehab centers that can afford high quality counselors, most public rehab centers need more counselors. There are also not so many counselors in public health centers.

Answer the call

As someone who has grown up in a rural area, you must understand this problem deeply. In fact, you might not have even met a counselor your entire life. This is how big the problem is. You can pursue a career in this field not just to earn money, but to be of help.

There are a lot of good universities offering this course. You may also take online courses especially if you are currently working full time. Once you have completed the courses, you can get certification or license. Then, you will be allowed to work as a counselor.

Be the change the world needs

This problem is getting worse by the days. With the lack of funding for mental health, there are not so many intellectuals who are convinced to take a job related to psychology or counseling. Therefore, you can pursue this career so that in your own capacity, you can be of help. If you earn more from private counseling sessions, then it is just a bonus. The main point is to help out those who really need an expert’s advice, especially those who have fallen victims to drugs. You might not yet see its importance now, but when you meet them and how excited they are to speak with a confidant, you will realize that you have made the right decision.