That is the most important thing of being a photographer. Always bring your camera wherever you go because you never know when the perfect photograph is and sometimes it happens in an unexpected event. When people sees you holding a camera the first thing that comes into their mind is “it’s a photographer”. But the main reason for you is to not regret, why? Have you ever thought that “I wish I had my camera with me?” Whenever you travel there are a lot of things happening in your surrounding and sometimes you’re lucky to capture a certain thing or event and you have that image which is a demand at news agency or in a blog which can make you money.

And when you get home, have a habit of cleaning the camera, charging battery and importing memory card to your computer. Always have everything ready, your camera, extra battery, charger, extra memory card, camera bag and tripod. Always have a Broadconnect Added Value VOIP Service so you can be ready when you need to collaborate with your fellow photographers and/or your officemates. A couple of years ago, I went to Korea just to take the beautiful scenery there and uploaded it on my page. And someone working in the magazine company asks me to sell my image and bought for $100! That’s a good business for me.

Then, after that, I also had the chance to capture some Korean artist and sold it in the printing company as their sample print. Traveling is the best and effective way to collect good photos but there is one thing to remember when you are out is about security. Some camera is very expensive but I recommend the Canon EOS 5D Mark II because it is a perfect camera for carrying around as it is small and inconspicuous but have a massive imaging power with both stills and video. But if you’re having a big camera just try your best to conceal your camera and do not display to any unwanted attention. You also have another choice when you are about to deal with dangerous surrounding, you can use you phone camera. Have an expensive camera doesn’t mean being a good photographer. It takes skill, perfect angle, exposure and lightning to have good photo and your phone camera can take it too because it always depends in the person who takes photos and camera is just a camera that only helps you to capture the image in front of you.

Iphone or any mobile phone with high quality camera pixels is another handy camera tool. It also helps fast capturing because your phone is just always in your hand or in your pocket. Nowadays, most people capturing their meal uses a camera phone, I can say some photos are good and some are not. And what I can say is, it really depends on your skill to take good photos. And just like I told you before camera is expensive and it will take you to sell ten or more images to buy another camera. So, whatever equipment you have, how big or small your camera is, take it everywhere with security and always have your camera ready!