telephone-586266_640You might be used to a simple life in a rural area. You don’t have to wake up really early to rush for work. There is no traffic that you have to contend with. You breathe fresh air and life is generally satisfying. However, you also understand that there are other opportunities out there especially for those who reside in highly urbanized places. There are more job opportunities and there are better universities. This means that even if you are currently satisfied with your life, you have to leave home in search for a greener pasture.

You need to bear in mind though that this new challenge is never easy. You have to face tons of other applicants who are better than you. They are used to the life in the big city. They are also competitive. You might be shocked with the culture in the area which is totally different than what you have been used to. In order for you to stand out, there are a few things that you can do.

Look presentable

The first thing that you have to give attention to is your look. In fact, the way you dress up might not be that suitable to how others dress up in urban places. Your extremely conservative look might pull you down. You need to look a bit aggressive but still pleasing to the eyes. This also means that you have to be as flawless as possible. If you have dental problems, you have to get it fixed. Your potential employers will immediately look at your smile. You can check out to determine how you can improve your crooked teeth. You might be asked to wear braces or get veneers. This might cost a lot as well so you have to prepare for it.

Fake it

You can’t hide the fact that there are other people who are better than you. They might have graduated from better universities or have experienced working in a high-powered company before. You may not be one of them but you can always highlight your other strengths. Faking it means that even if you are shaking in the insides, you have to remain strong. Don’t show to them that you are insecure or you are not as confident as the others because you came from a small rural town.

Believe in yourself

Once you have gotten the job, you just have to be optimistic. You were chosen for a reason. They saw something in you. They know that you are suitable for the job. If other people believe in you, there is no reason to doubt yourself. You have already overcome the first hurdle which is to stand out against all other applicants. You just have to prove to them that they have made the right decision by doing well in your job. Don’t worry about life in the big city. You can just gradually adjust. Before you know it, you already are a big city person.